globo service
visual identity system + UX + UI + content management + audiovisual production + brand voice

In partnership with designer Nicole Rutkevich, we developed the identity, interface and user experience for Globo Service, a technology, finance, legal and infrastructure services portal, structured by Service Now, which assists more than 19,000 Globo users.

We had already studied the day to day of a few user groups to understand the incidents and services required and the day to day of the support group in projects that came before Globo Service (Technology Support Portal and Help Desk). With this baggage, we created and intuitive experience for every stage of service requirement process and a friendly visual and verbal language.

For new processes migration to take place fluidly, we created the entire basis of tutorial videos so that the front-end applicants could clear up all doubts when requiring the services and the problem solvers’ training in the back-end operation, in a total of 237 minutes produced.

We also unified the Globo Service brand voice in the service call center (URA) and made the new contact points promotion videos for the service requirements.