aleluia, o canto infinito do tincoã
identidade visual + cartaz e peças mídia social + pós-produção

We created the identity for the beautiful film made by Tenille Bezerra, Aleluia, o canto infinito do tincoã. Through it we dived into images and sounds of the story, life and artistic process of the great master Mateus Aleluia. The film takes place between Cachoeira in Bahia and Luanda in Angola, the cities where Mateus lived most of his life. We contributed to our project with the formal poetic of seashells to illustrate the film’s mysterious and infinite imaginary, without revealing its images.

With this device, alongside the film’s director, we created a collection of 8 distinct posters + the film’s opening and closing + a teaser (video below the posters).

Photograph of Mateus Aleluia: Paola Alfamor